We’ve teamed up with our friends at Seawitches to bring you this beautiful, natural dye kit and virtual workshop happening on Tuesday November 17th.

You’ll use the flowers from your YOU BLOOM or STAY HOME + BLOOM bouquet delivery on Tuesday November 10th, which have been carefully selected for optimal dyeing success to dye your own 100% linen table runner. Just in time for the holidays. Yay!

Add a SEAWITCHES TABLE RUNNER DYE KIT to subscriptions today and get ready to get your craft on!

We’re all about community and supporting other local, small businesses.

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Margaret Seelie is a natural dyer, artist, and writer based in San Francisco, California. Through her community project and magazine, Seawitches, she aims to make spaces for everyone to find their creative voice. As a natural dyer, she hopes to help others fall back in love with old garments by breathing new life into them; thus keeping them out of the landfill.

* What you’ll need in addition to the Seawitches dye kit
(everything can be found in your kitchen)
– Water
– White vinegar (preferably in spray bottle)
– Something to steam the fabric in

What is natural dyeing with flowers? Also known as bundle dyeing or eco-dyeing, this dye process consists of laying dyestuffs like flowers, plants, and other organic matter directly onto fabric and rolling it into a bundle, ultimately allowing the colors to dye the fabric.

What to expect in our Natural Dye Workshop? You’ll join the founder of Seawitches, Margaret Seelie, on Zoom in her dye studio in San Francisco. She will walk you through the contents of your dye kit and how to dye your table runner and create stunning colors with your Bloom bouquet.
Tuesday, November 17 at 5:30PM PST on Zoom.
*If you cannot attend the workshop, we’ll send you a link to the video.

What will I make in this workshop? With Thanksgiving around the corner, we thought it would be fun to dye your very own linen table runner.

Note about natural dyes: Unlike synthetic materials, these pigments are alive. These dyes feel the passage of time and the power of the elements. The color may fade over time. However, the fabric has undergone a 36-hour treatment process that opens it up to absorbing the color. Also, through this dye process we have created a strong bond between the colors to the fabric. To keep your colors longer, use a delicate cycle when washing and avoid direct sunlight.


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